Chronic Stress May Cause Further Anxiety

Feeling stressed out all the time, or even most of the time, can take a toll on your body. You've probably experienced this before: sleepless nights, poor concentration, and unstable moods can all result from too much stress. But how does stress affect your brain?

Why Anxiety and Stress are Highly Contagious

Even if your own anxiety or stress levels are fairly low, encountering high anxiety and stress from other folks can heightened yours rather quickly. Read on to find out why!

Findings Show Anxiety May Be Caused by This Molecule

New research in psychology and biology can help mental health experts to determine how they can treat people for conditions like emetophobia. Researchers in the UK have recently found out what may be the cause of anxiety in the brain. Read about it here.

How Can You Use Deep Breathing for Anxiety?

Many people advocate deep breathing techniques for reducing anxiety. But how exactly does that work? If you want to learn more about the subject, read this article.

Stopping the Noise and Anxiety: How to Clear Your Head for Writing

The next great American novel may be in your head, but there's only one problem: every time you sit down to write your mind will not stop screaming. Check out a number of ways you can quiet your brain and get that novel down on paper already!

How to Spot and Escape a Toxic Friendship

Ever wonder why spending time with a certain friend makes you feel crummy and sad? That friend may be toxic, but the situation doesn't have to stay that way. Check out how to spot -- and escape! -- toxic relationships to improve your emetophobia, your health and your overall life!

Why We Keep Toxic Friendships (and What They do to Our Health)

If a friendship is leaving you drained, angry and depressed, it may qualify as toxic. Check out what such relationships can do to your emetophobia and other health issues and reasons we continue to sustain them.

New Phone, Tablet App to Treat Phobias

Phobias are very intense and difficult to beat on your own. A new app for iPhone and iPad is being marketed as a tool for people with phobias to use to reduce anxiety and eliminate some of their fear. Come find out about it here.