New Phone, Tablet App to Treat Phobias

Every day more people with anxiety disorders are finding help through technology.

Some therapists offer their services to their patients online. There are also a variety of resources available full of information people need about anxiety-related conditions like emetophobia.

One unique and interesting new resource available to people with anxiety disorders (and some other common  mental health conditions) are phone and tablet applications. New games and programs for children, teens and adults are being developed to help fight some of the symptoms of anxiety. Most are meant to be a supplement to (rather than a replacement for) face-to-face therapy with a licensed mental health professional. Many of these “apps” are designed by trained mental health specialists.

These apps can be useful for people who need a bit of encouragement or a quick reminder of what they can do to stay calm. They may be helpful for people who are in a rush and need something to distract them from their fear or relieve some of their anxiety.

A recent article describes such an app that “train[s] the user in relaxation techniques and […] explain[s] what causes phobias.” It provides virtual simulations including scenarios that place the user in a situation which would cause him or her significant fear in real life in order to lessen the user’s reaction to the situation over time.

If you want to read more about the anti-phobia app, which is available for iPhone and iPad, visit the link to the original article about it below.

Photo Credit: recompose via Compfight cc