How to Master Your Stress Today

Handling StressEveryone has to deal with stress sometimes: parents, students, workers. Stress is not necessarily bad for you, but it can be harmful when experienced too frequently or for long periods of time. What’s important is that you know what works best for you to manage your stress.

Failing to deal with stress in a healthy way can lead to physical health problems like exhaustion, tension headaches, stomach-aches, and even high blood pressure. People often notice symptoms of stress in situations that cause anxiety such as giving a speech or presentation, taking an exam, or relocating to a new location.

It’s difficult to say one thing in particular is the best method for dealing with stress. There are a variety of effective ways to manage stress, so it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Many people find that exercising is a great way to cope with their stress. The Mayo Clinic recommends that adults get at least half an hour of exercise per day. Some popular forms of exercise that burn calories (and perhaps nervous energy) are jogging or running, using machines like a treadmill or an elliptical, and riding a bicycle. Exercises that get the heart pumping can be especially useful for taking your mind off stressful things. As an added bonus, it can help you maintain good physical health and allow you to enjoy some time outdoors. It can also provide a fun social activity for you and your friends or loved ones.

Yoga can also be a useful stress reliever that is beneficial to your physical health. Learning the positions and breathing techniques of yoga can improve flexibility and also teach you how to relax yourself. Yoga can help you to let go of tension in your body and take deep, calming breaths. These techniques can be applied in a variety of settings, so you can make use of them anytime you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

If stress gets too out of control and just doesn’t seem manageable, another option is to talk with a licensed mental health worker. A counselor can talk with you about what is causing you stress. He or she can also teach you how you can handle your stress in a healthy way and how to keep it from becoming too much of an issue in the future.

Remember that stress happens to everyone, and learning how to deal with it will benefit you now and in the future.

Photo Credit: MiiiSH via Compfight cc