Feature on People Suffering from Emetophobia

Emetophobia is a preoccupation with the fear that one will be physically ill. People who have emetophobia are also afraid of being around others who are being sick.

While normal people obviously wish to avoid being near someone who is vomiting, emetophobic people will go to extreme lengths. They worry about people being sick constantly, even under circumstances in which their worries are excessive or unfounded.

Mothers with emetophobia often have to struggle with the extreme anxiety they feel when their child or children becomes ill. Even a mild illness can lead a child to vomit, especially a young child. A mother with emetophobia may be too fearful and distressed to comfort or tend to a sick child. This fear also makes some young women reluctant to become mothers, because they do not think they will be able to deal with their child’s illness appropriately.

Having emetophobia is difficult for people who are not parents, as well. Everyday decisions that most people take for granted, such as eating out, can be very frightening for people with emetophobia. They are often too afraid to eat food away from home, which they believe may lead them to be sick.

Mental health problems are given quite a bit of attention by people in the UK. A popular publication recently featured an article about emetophobia. The piece includes quotes from several people with emetophobia. These individuals bravely express how their lives have been affected by having such a severe and persistent fear.

If you would like to read more about the people with emetophobia, you can find the link to the Daily Mail feature article below.


Photo Credit: TheeErin via Compfight cc