Emetophobia Recovery System Headline“As a nationally certified mental health counselor, I know how devastating and destructive a phobia such as emetophobia can be, but I also know it’s not something you have to live with or passively accept. You CAN overcome your fear, and the material and resources provided here are a wonderful way to begin a new life, one without Emetophobia.”

Ken Fields, LMHC

From: Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane
Authors of the Emetophobia Recovery System


Many people struggle with the fear of vomiting and have their days and thoughts interrupted by their need to avoid vomit and situations that may make vomiting a possibility. It’s called emetophobia, it’s dangerous, it ruins lives, and it CAN be successfully overcome.

What would your life be like WITHOUT emetophobia?

  • The freedom to eat what you want, when you want, with who you want?
  • Ending the anxiety that comes with the constant fear in in the pit of your stomach?
  • Being able to not feel “on guard” against coming in contact with or being around vomit or someone that might throw up?
  • Not having to hide your fear from people or be embarrassed? A life in secret is no way to live, believe me.
  • Being free of limitations that rob you of your enjoyment of life?
  • Having the ability to finally concentrate on work or school instead of your phobia?
  • Taking the next step in your life without worrying about how you’ll accommodate your emetophobia with the new responsibilities?
  • Knowing that your children can look up to you and not be influenced by your reaction to this horrible condition?
  • Ending the obsessing, anxiety, and panic attacks that come with the fear. Being able to just breathe out a sigh of relief that it’s over…

There are TWO reasons your emetophobia is so powerful…

If you struggle with emetophobia, you know how powerful the fear can be.

Emetophobia isn’t like other fears or phobias. If you have a fear of flying, you can drive or take the train. If you have a fear of dogs, you can be pretty confident that you can go to a restaurant without one sniffing around under the table. But when you have a fear of vomit, it’s radically different than the fears you hear about much more often. Why is that?

Emetophobia gets it’s incredible power because of two things.

First, when you’re emetophobic, your fear is virtually inescapable.

Sure, you can avoid hospitals, or sick people, or other places where you might expect to come in contact with vomit, but what about everyplace else? You can never rule it out completely and let your guard down so you can enjoy the present moment. The possibility of coming in contact with vomit, or vomiting yourself, is ALWAYS there to some degree…like it’s stalking you.

Second, when you’re afraid of vomiting, what you’re ultimately afraid of….is YOU.

And that’s REAL scary, because as fast as you run, no matter where you try and hide, you’re always there. You become your own worst enemy.

In years past, we didn’t know a lot about emetophobia or how to treat it. Therapists tried with good intentions to help those suffering with it, but the strategies they knew from working with other phobias often just weren’t right for emetophobia and sometimes could even made the condition worse!

I wish I could say that more therapists now know about emetophobia and how to treat it effectively, but my experience shows me that’s simply not the case. If you’ve ever sought help before, you know that many mental health professionals still don’t know what emetophobia is, and the ones that do have usually never actually treated it successfully before.

That’s the bad news, but keep reading, because it gets a lot better…

Emetophobia CAN be successfully overcome and your life CAN change for the better…

The good news is that there’s been tremendous progress made that can give you the ability to overcome your emetophobia and anxiety, so you can recover fully and lead a better and less fear-filled life than what you are currently, often without ever visiting a therapist, taking medication, or forcing yourself to throw up (that hardly ever works).

It used to be thought that emetophobia was something you would just have to live with and endure, but now we have evidence that just isn’t true. Now we know it CAN be overcome and there’s a TON of people that used to struggle with emetophobia that are living better lives as evidence.

One of the reasons for the advancement is the greater awareness and recognition of the condition in the psychological community, and I’m very proud to say that I run the International Emetophobia Society, the largest community for emetophobics anywhere in the world, with over 15,000 members and growing daily.

Every day I read about people struggling with their fear, putting their life on hold, and sacrificing their potential because of their emetophobia. It breaks my heart to read their stories, but it also makes me frustrated because I know their suffering is unnecessary. There’s no reason you need to live with your emetophobia and accept less of a life than you deserve, because help for your condition is available.

This is life with emetophobia…

  • Constantly guarding yourself against any contact with sick people or illness, even your own children, so you don’t get a stomach bug or norovirus, or something else that could cause nausea or vomiting.
  • Being plagued by constant anxiety or panic attacks – terror that your worst fears will come true or that you’ll lose control over the situation you’re trying so desperately to hold together.
  • Eating in restaurants or other people’s homes can be impossible since you can’t control the kitchen and it’s cleanliness.
  • Feeling like your whole day is spent thinking about how you can avoid vomit or someone that might vomit, and what would happen if you can’t escape it. Not being able to control your thoughts can be so scary…
  • Avoiding traveling by plane, bus, or boat because you’re just too concerned it would make you nauseous.
  • Eventually becoming housebound or only being comfortable in your “safe places” you’re familiar with and feel you have some control over.
  • Obsessing about cleanliness and germs. Washing or sterilizing everything when you cook or do things around the house so you don’t get a germ that will make you ill and result in your throwing up.
  • Putting off starting a family because you can’t bear the thought of morning sickness.
  • Spending hours researching a prescription, and if you’re given one that lists “nausea” as a side effect, *tossing it into the trash can.
  • Worrying that something will happen to you and you’ll need to be hospitalized. Hospitals are FULL of sick people!
  • Making career choices around your fear or avoiding school because of your anxiety and fear.
  • Trying to find the best anti-emetics to help with your symptoms instead of overcoming the REAL problem once and for all.
  • Being extremely underweight since you’ll only eat what you consider “safe” foods.
  •  Not telling a soul about your fear because you’re sure people will think you’re weird because your phobia is “dirty” and embarrassing. It can be so lonely and scary to live with emetophobia.

Now that I hear the stories of emetophobics from around the world, I know that some even avoid pregnancy their whole lives for fear of morning sickness, or stay away from other people entirely and are housebound for fear of contracting germs that could make them ill.

Others are hyper concerned if others are about to vomit, whether they have valid reason to think so or not.

Many suffer from depression, are on medication, and have other phobias besides emetophobia or even have panic attacks.

There’s almost no limit to what an emetophobic will go through to avoid being around vomit. Some people are able to blame their emetophobia on some traumatic event involving vomiting that happened to them in the past, but many have no clue where their emetophobia came from. But there’s one thing that I’ve found all emetophobics share…they all want it GONE.

You CAN recovery completely from your emetophobia.

Before we talk about how to overcome your emetophobia, I want to be sure you understand how your fear works and why it ISN’T YOUR FAULT…

You’re not afraid of vomiting because you’re strange, a coward, or weak. You’re afraid because your anxiety has tricked you into associating vomit or vomiting with danger and mislabeled it as a “threat”

Your fear is simply a reaction to the message your mind sends. When your brain perceives something to be dangerous, it does what’s it’s supposed to do – it sounds your internal alarm that alerts you to avoid the threat and protect yourself using any means necessary!

But it’s all a big mistake! A giant misunderstanding.

Somehow your mind has wrongly learned that vomiting equals danger.

Whenever you even THINK about vomit, you get flooded with scary, obsessive thoughts and an overwhelming urge to avoid the “threat” as your mind take drastic measures to keep you safe.

This activates what is called the “fight or flight” response, which causes your body to take massive and immediate action to protect itself, whether the threat is real or imagined!

Emetophobia doesn’t occur on a rational level,  so why treat it on one?

This instinctual response takes place in a very primitive part of your brain called the “R-complex”, otherwise known as the reptilian brain. This ancient part of your brain doesn’t use intelligence or logic to make decisions, it just ACTS, which is why knowing that your fear is unnecessary and the threat isn’t real often doesn’t matter. Your fear has nothing to do with your intelligence or critical thinking ability…the decision to get anxious or panic about vomiting isn’t occurring on a rational level you can easily control.

Once this response is triggered, within a fraction of a second, stress hormones cascade through your body which cause symptoms such as racing thoughts, a pounding heart, vision changes, sweating, a strong urge to escape the situation, and more. Of course you know that this response isn’t appropriate when you’re not in real danger, so you need to learn how to teach your brain to respond differently so it doesn’t keep getting tricked into starting the fight or flight reaction when there’s no need to.

The core of the problem is that your mind has wrongly learned to associate vomiting and your anxiety with danger, but you don’t yet know how to teach it the truth and put an end to the unnecessary reaction of fear. But it IS possible and you CAN learn how to respond differently and teach your brain a new way.

Your emetophobia is what’s called a “conditioned” response.

Every time you even think about vomit, you remember how you responded the last time you had those thoughts and your brain make the wrong assumption that since you considered it a threat THEN, it should respond the same way NOW, and it activates the flight or flight response we talked about earlier and the cycle begins all over again. Your emetophobia is the result of this repetitive cycle of thoughts, behaviors, and responses that have been repeated and learned…

Your fear gets stronger the more you “practice” it…you need to teach yourself a NEW WAY.

This “learning” of anxiety is done by the formation of what are known as “neural pathways” in your brain. Every time you have similar thoughts about vomit in the future and experience anxiety and fear, you create MORE neural pathways that strengthen your fear response, resulting in a faster and more severe reaction of anxiety or panic. You actually “train” yourself to be afraid!

I know it may seem hard to believe that YOU are mistakenly reinforcing your emetophobia, so let’s look at how you learned to do something else that has now become second nature and automatic…

Think back to when you first learned how to ride a bicycle.

When you were first starting out, you had to pay very close attention to what you were doing, and you probably even fell a few times trying to maintain your balance as your brain learned and created the neural pathways required for bike riding.

As you continued to practice, those neural pathways grew stronger and multiplied, and you fell less often as you learned how to make all the minor adjustments to balance required for bike riding. If you think about it, bike riding is pretty compliciated…you need to constantly balance, steer, pedal, pay attention to where you’re going, all at the same time!

Despite the complexity of the task, within a relatively short amount of time, you learned to ride a bike without conscious thought, the reactions and coordination needed became instinctual and you no longer had to “think” about bike riding…you just DO IT AUTOMATICALLY.

Even now, years later, you could hop on a bike and pedal away without giving it a second thought, even if you hadn’t ridden a bike since childhood! All because of the neural pathways you created a long time ago…

In a similar way, as you create more neural pathways in your brain around vomiting, illness, and fear, you make your reaction of anxiety more automatic, more deeply entrenched in your brain, until that anxious reaction occurs without you even thinking about it. This is why your emetophobic reaction now seems so much a “part of you” and why it can happen so incredibly quickly and powerfully.

The key to overcoming your emetophobia is to replace your incorrect and limiting neural pathways of anxiety and replace them with new, better, and more accurate neural pathways of confidence, inner security, and calm. Here’s how I believe you can do exactly that…

By now, it’s probably obvious why what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked.

All of what we’ve been talking about occurs on a very emotional level, and is why so many other solutions and therapies for emetophobia often fail. They attempt to correct an emotional problem on a logical level…it just won’t work!

Traditional talk therapy often attempts to “explain” to you why you don’t need to be anxious about vomiting and the way you feel. Let me ask you, are you CHOOSING to be afraid? Do you think you just need more rational arguments? Do you think you just need someone to tell you why having emetophobia doesn’t make logical sense and you’ll feel ok?

I didn’t think so.

Like you learned, once it starts, your fear can be virtually out of your control. Logical arguments with yourself and talking it over won’t stop your anxiety any more than you can talk yourself out of a toothache. You need to learn to stop your anxiety BEFORE it starts.

I worked with Dr. Cheryl Lane, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, to develop an easy to follow, step-by-step program for overcoming your emetophobia that has become so highly recommended, it’s been used by individuals around the world…

I developed a step-by-step program in conjunction with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology that I believe can help you shatter the very core of your fear, so it never has to hold you back again. It’s not about “coping” with your emetophobia or anxiety…that never made ANY sense to me. You don’t want to COPE with your fear, you want it GONE.

It’s not about taking addictive or dangerous medications that may only mask the symptoms of the TRUE problem. It’s not about phony New Age miracle cures, hypnosis, affirmations, or other nonsense that often does NOTHING to help you conquer your emetophobia. Let’s be honest, you know the universe isn’t going to sprinkle fairy dust on you and make everything better if you think pretty thoughts. Instead, I’m going to show you how I believe you can go to the source of your emetophobic fear response and CHANGE IT.

The Emetophobia Recovery System has become one of the most widely used and recommended programs for overcoming emetophobia anywhere in the world for one very simple reason, it changes livesI’m confident that you’ll find that no other resource is more specialized, trusted, or effective at helping you overcome your fear.

It’s called the Emetophobia Recovery System, and it’s helping people just like you who used to struggle with emetophobia lead different and better lives.

The Emetophobia Recovery System Group

“I’ve had my phobia for 20 years and would constantly be “checking” myself for signs I may be sick, getting a feeling of nausea, and visualizing myself throwing up and not handling it. After starting the program have finally started seeing improvement.”

Joanne Wimmer
United Kingdom

“I decided to try the program because emetophobia was controlling my life. I had already tried may different books and programs, and even tried hypnosis, but nothing helped me like this did. Now I’m able to go back to school, take public transportation, and just go about my life with much less worry. Thank you so much for making it possible to face my fears.”

Lisa Lopez
Chicago, Illinois

“It’s so hard to go through life thinking about vomiting constantly. I read about the Emetophobia recovery System online, and after using it, I’m much more calm and learned so much about emetophobia and myself, I don’t react the same way anymore and my life has gotten better.”

Cecilia Agren
Skurup, Sweden

“I tried the Emetophobia Recovery System because it’s the only treatment program I had come across that is specifically geared towards emetophobia and not just anxiety or phobias in general. I struggled with my emetophobia for about 19 years, and in fact, I have very few memories of my life without it. I didn’t want to let my emetophobia hold me back from things that I believe to be important in life anymore, such as having children or getting to see the world. I decided to get help because I felt like I was not living up to my full potential because of my phobia and limitations continued grow as I got older. The day after I began listening to the program I started to become more aware of what was happening in my body when I would get anxious. I found it extremely helpful almost immediately. I really noticed it was starting to help when a few days after I started I sat through a lecture and didn’t get anxious once! I would absolutely recommend the program, Rich has such a strong understanding of emetophobia and how it controls the mind that he taught me to look at my anxiety in a different way than I ever had in the past, I’m grateful because things have gotten so much better, everything from my job to just going to the grocery store is easier now!”

Jocelyn Mista
Atlanta, Georgia

“Because of my emetophobia I avoided travel, frequently bowed out of social events, and was generally miserable when attending large gatherings or dinners. I had already tried therapy, drugs, books, you name it, but I still felt anxiety, fear, panic, and general nausea most of the time. I’m a very driven person and I felt like my professional career was going to be limited by my emetophobia and I decided it was time to take some action so I started the Emetophobia Recovery System. I started to experience results after the very first section and now I just feel stronger and more relaxed and I actually look forward to trying out my new skills. I loved the simple approach of the program and that it’s very DOABLE.”

Kerry Haworth
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I was sick and tired of being afraid of being sick, it was completely controlling my life. The program took work, but it was worth it without a doubt, there’s nothing holding me back anymore.”

Justine Gravle
Clive, Iowa

Overcoming your emetophobia requires specialization…

Many have found that the techniques typically used to treat and overcome other phobias often just won’t work with emetophobia, or even worse, they can make your fear MORE SEVERE!

Overcoming emetophobia effectively requires specialization in this unique condition and a focus on results. The Emetophobia Recovery System was designed for YOUR fear, and this is what it does BEST.

You’re going to learn how to train your mind to react in a NEW WAY. You won’t be asked to spend months in therapy and thousands of dollars and simply cross your fingers and hope it works. You won’t need to endure the side effects, short term results, or possible addiction by taking pills to cope with your fear. You can quickly learn what I think can help you put an end to your panic attacks and anxiety, take back control over your life and your thoughts, and start focusing your energy on what you want, and not what you want to avoid.

You won’t be asked to make yourself throw up, and you won’t learn to just “cope” with your fear…the goal of the program is to actually prevent the fear from occurring in the first place.

You won’t find our trademarked techniques or material anywhere else.

In the Emetophobia Recovery System you’ll learn things like the RIDE Technique™, Red Sock Relaxation™, Ringing Your Own Doorbell™, and more, that you won’t find duplicated in ANY other program, book, or resource for emetophobia.

You’ll hear from who I consider to be some of the most influential and noteworthy individuals working in the fields of mental health and  psychology today and get their advice and perspective on conquering and moving past your emetophobia and anxiety.

You’ll have specially engineered audio resources designed to help you practice the skills you’ll be learning, quiet your mind, and take back your life.

Put simply, I don’t think you can find a better, more trusted, or complete program for overcoming your emetophobia anywhere.

Here’s just a small sample of some of the things you’ll learn in the program…

  • The simple 4-step technique that can I believe bring your anxiety and obsessing about vomit to a stop. You can learn it in less than 15 minutes and can have the knowledge for a lifetime.
  • Why you can’t seem to stop thinking those scary and irrational thoughts and how to use your personality traits that CAUSE them to END them. We’ll turn the tables on your fear and help you clear your head.
  • What’s actually happening to your body when you get anxious and why it’s a good thing. When you understand it and look it from this new perspective, you won’t need to be afraid of it anymore. People without emetophobia often do this automatically, but it’s a skill you can develop.
  • We’re going to work together to figure out what you’re REALLY afraid of so we can conquer it, and learn why it’s usually not as simple as “vomiting”.
  • What you’re probably doing now that may be making your emetophobia worse every time you do it.
  • A small adjustment that can shoot your confidence about handling any situation through the roof!
  • The 5 patterns of faulty thinking you MUST avoid to be successful at overcoming your fear.
  • When to NEVER try and face your fear.
  • How to design your personalized plan for overcoming your emetophobia.
  • What to do if friends or family aren’t supportive or encouraging about your emetophobia.
  • The technique I recommend that you can use to retrain your brain to think about vomiting differently.

Take a look at all that’s included with the Emetophobia Recovery System…

The Emetophobia Recovery System is a complete  and comprehensive system with a single goal, to help you overcome your emetophobia as quickly and easily as possible. Take a look at all that’s included:

The Emetophobia Recovery System Manual

The Emetophobia Recovery System Manual is a complete guide to overcoming your fear of vomiting. It walks you step by step through exactly what I think you need to be doing in order to replace your current negative, scary, and irrational thoughts about vomit and illness with thoughts of security and confidence, how to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of your anxiety cycle and bring your anxiety to an abrupt halt, and how you can learn to “flip the switch” and shut down your panic to get back to feeling yourself again.

The Audio Version of the Emetophobia Recovery System

Now you can listen to the Emetophobia Recovery System on your computer or iPhone, at the gym, in your car, or wherever you have time or want that extra motivational boost.  You’ll get the complete, unabridged mp3 audio version of the program with your order.

The Emetophobia Recovery Audio System (E.R.A.S.™)

The Emetophobia Recovery Audio System (E.R.A.S.) is going to be a resource you come back to again and again throughout your recovery to help you quiet your mind, practice your skills, and begin changing your life using “virtual” exposure sessions.

You’ll receive three specially developed audio’s created specifically to work in conjunction with the other Emetophobia Recovery System material. These exclusive audio tools are ONLY available as part of the program, and I consider them CRITICAL for anyone seeking to overcome their fear.

In the first track, I’ll speak to you directly and work with you to calm your reaction, should you find yourself in an anxiety producing situation or preparing for one. In just minutes you can find yourself very quickly feeling much more in control, at peace, and self-assured about whatever challenge may lay ahead.

In the second and third tracks, I’ll guide you through an incredibly powerful audio session that can allow you to slow your thoughts, bring you back to the present moment, and allow you to practice the skills you’ll be learning in the Program in a safe, comfortable location of YOUR choosing at YOUR pace.

Used in conjunction with the other materials included with the Emetophobia Recovery System, I”m confident you’ll find the E.R.A.S. Audio is a indispensable tool to help you retrain your mind for success and peace instead of anxiety, obsession, or panic.

The Emetophobia Mastermind™ Audio Series

In the Emetophobia Mastermind™ Audio Series, I interviewed who I consider some of the most influential and recognized names in psychology and mental health to get their advice, tactics, and recommendations for overcoming emetophobia. I think you’ll find this is the FIRST TIME a panel of experts such as this have been assembled to speak exclusively on the treatment of emetophobia.One of the most critical aspects of overcoming emetophobia is thoroughly understanding your condition and the variety of strategies and options available.

In these in-depth audio interviews, you’ll learn a wide variety of methods, strategies, and tips you can start using TODAY to feel better.

The complete audio series is OVER 2 HOURS of exclusive information on emetophobia you won’t find anywhere else!

You can pick the version that’s right for you. Take a look at your options…

The Emetophobia Recovery System comes in two different versions, so you can be sure to get what’s right for you. At the bottom of this page, you can order the Standard Version of the Program, which you can download instantly to any computer you like in convenient mp3 and PDF format. You don’t need to be a computer whiz because it’s incredibly simple, all you need to do is click a link. It will work with any computer, and there’s no special software you need to buy.  If you ever need any help, our fantastic and responsive customer support team is happy to help and easy to contact.

If you prefer to have the material in a print and CD format that’s quickly and discreetly shipped to your preferred address, we have that option available too, just click here for details and to order the print and CD edition of the Emetophobia Recovery System.

Let me answer some questions you probably have…

By this point, you know how your mind gets “tricked” into thinking vomiting or feeling sick is dangerous, and that you need to stop triggering your anxiety and fight or flight response by teaching it a new way to react in order to put your emetophobia behind you.

You know why what you’ve been doing or tried in the past probably hasn’t helped, and how much better and easier life can be without your emetophobia. Now that we’ve removed so much of the “mystery” about the anxiety you feel when you think about vomiting, actually conquering your emetophobia probably feels more realistic and achievable than ever, and that’s how you should feel…because IT CAN BE.

You’ve seen that the program comes with absolutely everything I think you could possibly want to overcome your fear…the program manual, the complete unabridged audio version, the full Emetophobia Masterminds™ Series, and even the exclusive E.R.A.S.™ System. Despite all this, maybe you’re still a little unsure whether or not the program can work for you. Maybe you’ve already read books, seen a therapist, or tried a different program, and even though you know that the Emetophobia Recovery System is unique and highly specialized, you’re still just not sure…

I understand exactly how you feel, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of you feeling better and changing your life. I just can’t accept knowing that you’re still struggling needlessly just because I didn’t make it easy enough to get started. So here’s what I decided to do…

I’ll let you try out the Emetophobia Recovery System and see the results yourself. If you’re not completely THRILLED with how much your life changes for the better, you won’t pay a DIME…

I’m so confident in the results of the Emetophobia Recovery System that I’ll let you try it for 60 days so you have plenty of time to evaluate your results and decide what you think.

If at any time in those first 60 days you can honestly tell me the results you’re seeing aren’t incredible and your life isn’t changing for the better, let me know and I’ll give you a 100% full refund with no questions asked, no hassles, no fine print, and no hard feelings. If you follow the program, it will work for YOU, or I don’t want you to pay for it.

I know you may have already tried other things to help you overcome your fear. I understand why you may even be a little skeptical. Let me be clear, The Emetophobia recovery System isn’t a “magic bullet” or “miracle cure” and I think it would unethical to present it as such. It’s going to take effort and dedication on your part too and because of that there’s no way I can predict with absolute certainty what your individual results will be. That’s why I’m going to let you take plenty of time to use and evaluate the program and experience the results firsthand, and then make up your own mind, on your terms. If it’s not everything I say it is and MORE, I don’t deserve your money.

That’s more than a guarantee – that’s my personal promise.

Let’s review what you’ve learned…

  • I’m so confident in the results you’ll experience with The Emetophobia Recovery System, I’m willing to let you use it for a full 60 days with absolutely zero risk to decide what you think.
  • Overcoming your fear of vomiting deserves the specialization that the Emetophobia Recovery System provides. You won’t find the same techniques duplicated in ANY other program for emetophobia.
  • The material was developed in conjunction with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been afraid, the strategies you’ll learn can be used by you too.
  • The program costs less than a single session with most therapists (and good luck getting them to offer a guarantee)!
  • You can access the program immediately and privately from the comfort of your home. You can be started in 5 minutes.
  • You won’t just learn what to do, but you’ll discover what you may be doing WRONG now that’s making your fear worse and more severe.
  • You’ll learn our exclusive four step technique that can be incredibly simple to master and you may even find can allow you to INSTANTLY shut down your fear.

Whether or not you take the steps necessary to overcome your fear is entirely up to you. I can’t make it any easier to get started.

I’ve shown you exactly how and why the Emetophobia Recovery System works and why it’s been so highly recommended all around the world.

I’ve removed any excuse you have for not getting started now.

But the next step is up to you.

You can remain how you are, dreading your next day at school or work, putting your future on hold, and simply not living the life you know deep down in your soul you were born to live, or you can do something about it TODAY.

 Today Could Be The Day You Start To Take Your Life Back.

It’s time to get started with the most widely recommended program for overcoming emetophobia anywhere, because I think you’ll agree that enough time and happiness has already been wasted because of you fear.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – I understand that my results are completely guaranteed. If I’m not completely satisfied with the program, I have a full 8 weeks to take advantage of the no questions asked, no hassles guarantee and get a complete refund of every penny I paid.
  • Receive The Complete System – I understand that I’ll be receiving the COMPLETE program, which includes everything outlined above…the manual, audio version, E.R.A.S. Audio, and the Emetophobia Mastermind Series, all in either PDF or mp3 format so I can download them right away and get started fast. If I prefer the Print and CD version of the program that’s discreetly shipped to my preferred address, I can order version that by clicking here.
  • Developed With A Doctor – You know you can trust the program because it was developed with Dr. Cheryl Lane, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology.
  • Completely Natural – The Emetophobia Recovery System is designed to help you quickly change for the better by helping you train your mind to alter negative thought patterns and habitual reactions that can cause your anxiety and fear, and NOT with alcohol or medications that can cause dangerous and bothersome side effects, leaving you feeling sedated and MORE out of control, or merely masking your symptoms without addressing the REAL problem.
  • Break the Cycle of Emetophobia – The goal of the system is NOT to simply help you “cope” with your fear. Why learn to live WITH your emetophobia when you can learn to live WITHOUT IT? I don’t think you should be satisfied until you’ve learned to END the destructive mental habits and reactions that create the problem!
  • All of this is completely guaranteed and only a single secure payment of $97!

Click here if you prefer the print and CD version of the
program which is discreetly shipped to your preferred address!

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NOTE: The Emetophobia Recovery System above is an instantly downloadable program. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the program material onto your computer. The format is Adobe Acrobat PDF and mp3, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.  If you prefer the print and CD version of the material that is shipped quickly and discreetly to your preferred address, please click here.