The Complete Guide to Norovirus Prevention and Treatment [INFOGRAPHIC INCLUDED]

No matter how you look at it, the effects of norovirus -- from vomiting to cramping to diarrhea -- are unpleasant. But for the emetophobic, this viral infection can really pose a challenge. Though there's no vaccine or medical treatment for norovirus, preventative techniques can help slow its transmission, and relaxation techniques can help emetophobes make it through.

Top 4 Norovirus Myths

One of the most harrowing stretches of the year for emetophobics is from November to March, which is norovirus season. Make the stretch less harrowing by clearing up some myths surrounding the virus.

Why Oysters on the Menu Can Mean Norovirus in Your System

Norovirus doesn't limit its infection party to people. It also likes to contaminate water and food. Emetophobics may do well to be aware of foods that have been notorious for virus contamination -- and cross off the shellfish from their menus.

Nasal Spray for Norovirus Could be Emetophobic’s New Best Friend

Emetophobics may have a brand new best friend once a nasal spray for norovirus makes its way to the market. The product is currently in the works and expected to hit the shelves within the next several years. Check out what it can do and when you can expect to get it.

Sea Sickness Gets New Meaning with Norovirus on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships give norovirus ideal conditions in which to spread. Check out two cruise lines that found this out the hard way.