Why Oysters on the Menu Can Mean Norovirus in Your System

Emetophobics may want to keep an eye on any oysters on their menu, as the shellfish have a history of being plagued with norovirus. Norovirus, colloquially called the winter vomiting bug, is typically a fierce foe for those suffering from fear of vomit. 

While norovirus is notorious for contaminating any type of food and water, the nasty bug became especially fond of oysters from England one year, according to a 2011 report in the Huffington Post.

More than 75 percent of the British-grown oysters were contaminated with the virus, a fairly easy feat when you consider oysters get their food from filtering water. Contaminated water could easily contaminate gads of shellfish since viruses and bacteria can build up inside the oyster.


Perhaps the contamination did serve a useful purpose, as the European Food Safety Agency took hold of the results in a bid to help make shellfish harvesting facilities safer going forward. While that particular oyster contamination is hopefully well under control, it may still be wise for you to watch what you order, especially if you’re a fan of shellfish.


Photo Credit: wallyg via Compfight cc