How Can You Use Deep Breathing for Anxiety?

By learning to eliminate some of your pent-up stress and anxiety, you can improve your overall health and get closer to overcoming anxiety disorders.

Anxiety and stress can contribute to conditions like emetophobia (a strong fear of  nausea and vomiting).

One way to fight your anxiety is to use deep breathing techniques. Deliberate, mindful breathing strategies be learned and practiced relatively quickly and easily. Learning to use deep breathing is not costly or inconvenient. In fact, deep breathing is one of the most basic and straightforward stress relief methods you can use.

Deep breathing is often used in yoga as part of meditation. By controlling your breathing, you can control how your body reacts to stress. Breathing deeply and carefully allows you to calm down and release tension.

This can be especially helpful for people who have disorders like emetophobia. When the panic and fear start to rise up and overwhelm you, you can simply take a moment to close your eyes, breathe slowly, and clear your mind. By doing this, you can stop the anxiety before it becomes unmanageable.

Deep breathing techniques can also be helpful for people who have other kinds of phobias and for people who have panic attacks.

An interesting and informative article on PsychCentral outlines three deep breathing techniques you can use to reduce your anxiety.

To read the article and to learn more about how to effectively use deep breathing to reduce anxiety, follow the link found here:

Photo Credit: Joel Bedford via Compfight cc