Chronic Stress May Cause Further Anxiety

It’s normal to feel stressed out from time to time; a certain amount of pressure can actually make you work faster and produce better results.

Too much stress, however, can have a negative effect on your body and mind. When you are worried about something, you may dwell on the issue more than you need to without actually thinking of how to find a solution. Worrying about something you can’t really change makes you feel anxious, nervous and unhappy. It can also make you more short-tempered and unfocused on other important things in your life.

When you are stressed out for a long time, you may not even notice the changes your feelings are bringing about. Some people lose sleep, others eat unhealthy foods or gain weight, and others still may experience hair loss. Long-term stress may not affect everyone in exactly the same way, but damage to the body is generally a concern.

According to a recent scientific article, too much stress can have another unpleasant effect. When someone is feeling stress for a long period of time, immune system cells can travel to the brain and “promote symptoms of anxiety.”

The study referenced in the article describes how long-term stress affects your body on a cellular level. You may be surprised to find how stress can have an impact on so many areas of your body and subsequently your behavior.

If you would like to read the article and to find out more about chronic stress and anxiety, click the link found below.

Photo Credit: Stephen Poff via Compfight cc