How to Alleviate Emetophobia with a Quick Home Clean-up

Got 20 minutes? Then you have enough time to work on alleviating your emetophobia, especially if you’re highly concerned about germs. No, you don’t have to live in a bubble or don a germ-blocking surgical mask a la Michael Jackson.

All you have to do is spot-clean areas of your home with quick yet powerful fixes.

The clean-up advice comes from, which points out easy ways to create a healthier environment. Instead of offering one of those floor-to-ceiling cleanings that can take all day, or even all week, the tips consists of small changes you can make as you go about your daily life.

Here’s an example from the article’s germ-free fix for the bathroom:

  • The toiletToilets are where most of our bathroom germs come from — urine is actually sterile, but feces are decidedly not. Flushing can send all kinds of bacteria, germs, and fungus into the air. Pour about two cups of white vinegar or disinfectant into the bowl, and then use a spray bottle to spray more onto all the hard surfaces of the toilet (including the rim and handle). Let it sit about 10 minutes while you handle one of the other tasks. Then wipe down the outside and scrub the bowl with a toilet brush.
  • The sink. Spray your sink with vinegar and wipe thoroughly. Don’t forget the handles and faucet.
  • The showerIf you have a glass shower door, regularly spraying it with vinegar prevents residue from building up.”

Stay on top of the cleaning with equally fast and easy fixes around the home, and you’ll be breathing easier – literally and figuratively. After all, it’s tough to fret about germs in your home when there are none to be found. 

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