How Expectations Can Make You Miserable (and Your Vomit Fears Worse)

Expect the best and you may get the best, right? Well, maybe. But you are more likely to get resentments, misery and an increased level of vomit fears. Read on to learn more!

Music and Mental Health: What Your Preferences Indicate

We all have stereotypes about people who listen to certain kinds of music. But what does psychology research on the topic say? Do people who listen to rap, rock or classical share some traits? Read about it here.

‘Zebras Never Get Ulcers’ and 2 More Reasons to Slow Down

We have become so programmed for action that we have to actually schedule relaxation, but that relaxation can do wonders for your emetophobia - and your life.

Nasal Spray for Norovirus Could be Emetophobic’s New Best Friend

Emetophobics may have a brand new best friend once a nasal spray for norovirus makes its way to the market. The product is currently in the works and expected to hit the shelves within the next several years. Check out what it can do and when you can expect to get it.

Sneaky Tips for Killing off Sneaky Household Germs

The thought of germs lurking in sneaky areas can fuel vomit fears to the hilt. You need not sit idly by, however, when you can check out our equally sneaky tips for keeping lurking germs at bay.

How Mindfulness Can Help Your Emetophobia and How to Start Today

Stress can feed anxiety which, in turn, sets down a whole smorgasbord for your emetophobia. You can reduce all of the above with this thing called mindfulness. And you can even start practicing it today!

The Emetophobics Guide to Breathing Your Way Through Anxiety

You breathe in and out dozens of times each day without even thinking about it. If you did stop to think about it, however, you may find you engage in poor breathing habits that can worsen your anxiety levels and emetophobia. Check out how to breathe your way through anxiety that can instead help alleviate your vomit fears.

The Emetophobics Guide to the Truth About Germs and Viruses, Part One of Two

Emetophobia may make you despise and fear germs across the board, although not all can cause you harm. Check out more info in our two-part Emetophobics Guide to the Truth About Germs and Viruses and clear up some myths, mistakes and misconceptions many have surrounding germs.