Sneaky Tips for Killing off Sneaky Household Germs

GermsAs most emetophobics already know, germs can have a lot of nerve.

Even though you may already be using common sense when it comes to cleaning your home, germs can lurk in places you wouldn’t even think of cleaning. Our Emetophobics Guide to the Truth About Germs and Viruses gives you a head’s up on some of those sneaky places, which range from your toothbrush holder to your kitchen sponge with your dog’s favorite toy in between.

We told you those germs were nervy!

To help keep germs (and your vomit fears) at bay, we’ve compiled some equally nervy solutions to kicking out the germs in the lesser-known places around the home. You might even be more than ready to get started as these common household solutions are probably already right at your fingertips.

Common Household Ways to Kill Sneaky Household Germs

Alcohol: Plain old rubbing alcohol can be an emetohpics very good friend for killing off germs on light switches, credit and debit cards and cell phones and other electronic items. Dab a bit of it on a cloth and wipe away! For more delicate items, like the outside of your purse, you can use an alcohol-based sanitizing solution or pre-soaked alcohol wipes.

Bleach: Bleach is another good pal, particularly when you mix one capful of it with one gallon of water and go to town on the window tracks, sliding door tracks and anywhere mildew and mold like to thrive. The water-bleach mix also works wonders for countertops, toilet paper roll holders, sink drains and humidifiers.

Dishwasher: Dishwashers can kill germs off more than just dishes. They do a grand job of spiffing up kitchen sink strainers and sponges. Another sponge-cleaning tactic is to put a wet one in the microwave every day for two minutes. Let’s see germs live through that blast! 

Vacuum: Vacuums can suck up germ in a jiffy, especially in areas where you may forget such germs lurk. Vacuum the underside of your throw rugs right after you do the tops. Also take time at least once a year or so to vacuum out the top and bottom of the box springs under your mattress.

Vinegar: White vinegar is an emetophobic’s pal for cleaning off the top of your refrigerator or other large appliances. It’s also fine friend for mixing with water to clean out your coffee maker’s reservoir.

Washing Machine: Hot water , a bit of bleach and your washing machine can keep your dishrags and washable sponges germ-free. The washing machine is the place to regularly clean washable pet toys, provided the toys are durable enough and won’t rip apart during the spin cycle. Unless the label says it’s OK, you may want to skip the dryer and let pet toys air dry outdoors in the sun.


Photo Credit: carnagenyc via Compfight cc