Using Positive Visualization

Visualizing yourself overcoming your fears during a stressful situation will help you feel more confident when facing your phobia head on.

New Memoir Describes Life with Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are more prevalent than most people think. A writer offers a detailed account of how he deals with his anxiety.

Emetophobia: Just How Serious Is It?

For some people, it's difficult to imagine how a single, obscure fear could be so disruptive. Even specialists in medicine and in mental health can underestimate the effects of Emetophobia, but those who have the anxiety disorder know how harmful it really is.

Create a Relaxation Space

Picture the most relaxing place that you can imagine. What elements of this place relax you? Is there any way to create a similar space in your own home?

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique

Can tapping certain places on your body really help relieve anxiety? Watch the following video and try it for yourself!

Exposure Therapy for Emetophobia

Could experiencing relief from emetophobia be as simple as confronting your fears?