Is Your Emetophobia Steering You Toward an Eating Disorder?

As if suffering from emetophobia isn't enough, the phobia has a way of developing related issues that may land you with an eating disorder or other condition. Check out the risks so you know what to look for.

Feature on People Suffering from Emetophobia

Emetophobia, or the fear of vomiting, is a serious and often debilitating condition. Surprisingly, it can affect many aspects of a person's life, and even the lives of one's family members. Read more about the subject here.

New Phone, Tablet App to Treat Phobias

Phobias are very intense and difficult to beat on your own. A new app for iPhone and iPad is being marketed as a tool for people with phobias to use to reduce anxiety and eliminate some of their fear. Come find out about it here.

How Expectations Can Make You Miserable (and Your Vomit Fears Worse)

Expect the best and you may get the best, right? Well, maybe. But you are more likely to get resentments, misery and an increased level of vomit fears. Read on to learn more!

Video and Blog: Two Emetophobic Girls Shares Their Struggle

Emetophobia is an anxiety disorder that you don't hear talked about a lot. Nonetheless, the fear of getting physically ill is certainly not rare. Two young women share their stories about emetophobia, one through a blog post and one through YouTube.

Phobias: More Common Than You Might Think

Phobias are very extreme fears of various objects or situations. They can have such a big impact on your life that you probably wouldn't think many people had them. However, if you think about how many different phobias they are, it may not surprise you to find out how common they are!

Music and Mental Health: What Your Preferences Indicate

We all have stereotypes about people who listen to certain kinds of music. But what does psychology research on the topic say? Do people who listen to rap, rock or classical share some traits? Read about it here.

‘Zebras Never Get Ulcers’ and 2 More Reasons to Slow Down

We have become so programmed for action that we have to actually schedule relaxation, but that relaxation can do wonders for your emetophobia - and your life.