Stopping the Noise and Anxiety: How to Clear Your Head for Writing

The next great American novel may be in your head, but there's only one problem: every time you sit down to write your mind will not stop screaming. Check out a number of ways you can quiet your brain and get that novel down on paper already!

How Do Anxiety Disorders Affect Depression?

Sometimes it occurs that someone who is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder experiences depression, as well. It can also be the case that a person with depression later develops an anxiety disorder. Find out what combined depression and anxiety can lead to.

Learning to Manage Phobias with Positive Thinking

It's generally accepted that the way you think about things can affect how you feel. A positive outlook can make a major difference in many aspects of your life. Read more about it here!

How to Spot and Escape a Toxic Friendship

Ever wonder why spending time with a certain friend makes you feel crummy and sad? That friend may be toxic, but the situation doesn't have to stay that way. Check out how to spot -- and escape! -- toxic relationships to improve your emetophobia, your health and your overall life!

Phobias: Can They Actually Be Contagious?

Phobias can be very difficult to deal with because of the amount of anxiety and stress they created. Talking to someone about your fears may help a little, but what effect does that have on the other person? Read more here.

Why We Keep Toxic Friendships (and What They do to Our Health)

If a friendship is leaving you drained, angry and depressed, it may qualify as toxic. Check out what such relationships can do to your emetophobia and other health issues and reasons we continue to sustain them.

Emetophobia: A Mother’s Unique Dilemma

If you have emetophobia, or the fear of vomiting and vomit, you know how even the thought of someone getting ill makes you feel terrible. Can you imagine what it's like for someone with emetophobia to be around someone they love who is sick? Read about it here.

Mental Health in Men: Dealing with Depression

Mental health illnesses like depression and emetophobia are no joke, especially with the increased risk of suicide and suicidal thoughts. A celebrity in the UK recently spoke about his own battle with mental illness, bringing more attention to the way people respond to complaints of sadness or worry in men.