The Emetophobics Guide to the Truth About Germs and Viruses, Part One of Two

Emetophobia may make you despise and fear germs across the board, although not all can cause you harm. Check out more info in our two-part Emetophobics Guide to the Truth About Germs and Viruses and clear up some myths, mistakes and misconceptions many have surrounding germs.

3 Fun Tips for Avoiding This Year’s Flu and Related Vomit Phobia

You already know the tried and true flu prevention methods, that double as a way to keep your emetophobia at bay. But there are three other really fun ways to boost your immunity and decrease your chances of getting sick this winter.

Vomit Phobia Alert: CDC Report on Foods Most Likely to Make Us Sick

Feeling sick? Those duck feet you ate may not be to blame, but the 10-year CDC report may be able to tell you what food item is at fault. Check out details from the report, that was designed to find the sources of food-borne illnesses to help better prevent them going forward.

How a Vomiting Robot May Help Your Emetophobia

A vomiting robot may sound disgusting. That's because he is. But "Vomiting Larry" may actually be a useful tool for helping emetophobia. Read more to learn why.

How Loneliness Can Worsen Your Emetophobia

You may already know that stress can weaken your immune system, and research suggests loneliness can do the same. A weakened immune system is no fun in general, and it can also serve to worsen your vomit phobia and vomit fears. Read on to learn more.

4 Natural Remedies to Try for Emetophobia-Induced Panic Attacks

With flu season hitting full gear, those suffering from emetophobia may find panic attacks at an equally severe rate. Check out some natural remedies to help halt an attack before it hits its peak or prevent it from occurring in the first place.

How to Alleviate Emetophobia with a Quick Home Clean-up

You don’t have to spend days on end helping to alleviate your emetophobia by making your home a germ-free haven. You can instead go for quick yet powerful fixes as you go through your daily life.

Emetophobia and the Struggle of Motherhood

Dealing with emetophobia can be extremely stressful, and it's even worse for a mother. Many women with emetophobia are afraid of motherhood because they know pregnancy will bring morning sickness. Even after pregnancy, mothers with emetophobia will inevitably have to take care of sick children. Read about how one woman tried unsuccessfully to deal with her phobia, sometimes to the detriment of her children.