A New Way to Treat Anxiety, Depression in Kids

Parents of a child who has emetophobia, anxiety, or depression may feel uncertain about what they should do to help. There are treatment options for children, but parents may not always know which one is best for their own child. A new treatment called EDTP may be the answer. EDTP is designed especially for kids and caters to their unique needs. Find out how EDTP works and how it can help children with depression and anxiety.

Critics Challenge Evidence of ‘Facebook Depression’

Ever since social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have become popular, mental health specialists have wondered about the effects of the sites on younger people. There have been scandals involving bullying, stalking, and more since the significant increase in Facebook membership. Worried parents have heard that their teens may be at risk for all kinds of psychological issues, but new research is countering these claims. Read more about it here!

Declining Mental Health in Older Adults

Your golden years should be filled with love, relaxation, and contentment. Psychiatrists are warning that this may not be the case. More and more older adults are being diagnosed with mental health problems. This is causing more substance abuse in the older population as well. Here's why specialists say older people may not be getting the help they need.

Scientists Developing New Anti-Diabetic Treatment for Depression

People who take medication for depression are usually warned that it could increase their chance of developing diabetes. This information makes some depressed people reluctant to try antidepressants, even though they may really need them. They reason that there's no guarantee the drugs will even work for their depression, so why risk getting diabetes? Researchers have recently started testing a new chemical on mice to see the effects on symptoms of depression. Come read more about the findings of this novel treatment.

Is There A Link between Depression and Obesity?

Depression and obesity are both very serious, life-altering conditions. They both have an effect on your mental and physical health. But how exactly do the two illnesses interact, and how does that interaction harm or help you? Read more about the relationship between two conditions that are becoming increasingly common.

How Unemployment Can Hurt Your Health

Unemployment is sadly common in today's economy. How does being without a job affect one's physical and mental well-being?

Effects of Bullying on the Psyche, the Body

To some people, bullying doesn't seem like a very big deal. New research shows that it may lead to a number of mental and physical health issues.

Internet Behavior as an Indicator of Depression?

Can the things you do on the Internet be indicative of a depressed state of mind? New research says it may be true!