A New Way to Treat Anxiety, Depression in Kids

Today, more children are being diagnosed with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders such as emetophobia. Because of the increasing number of young people who will need treatment for disorders like emetophobia, researchers in psychology are looking to find more effective methods. At the University of Miami, a strategy called “Emotion Detectives Treatment Protocol” (EDTP) was born. EDTP is modeled after existing  treatments for depressed and anxious adults. The results are looking good so far, with a marked reduction in anxiety and depression in the children who were treated. Read more about EDTP and how it was developed at the link to PsychCentral below.

New Strategy, EDTP, for Childhood Depression-Anxiety – PsychCentral.com


PsychCentral.comNew Strategy, EDTP, for Childhood Depression-AnxietyPsychCentral.comAlthough emotional problems are common in childhood, current therapeutic interventions are generally not designed to treat co-existing psychological conditions.The em …