Learning to Face Your Fears: Phobia Treatment

It's surprising how much the fear of a single object can dominate one's life. Phobias can keep people from living the life they want to, making them feel unable to try new things. Find out what treatments are being investigated for people who have phobias.

Trypophobia: Surprisingly Unsettling Fear You’ve Never Heard Of

If you have emetophobia, you know that most people have never heard of it. A phobia can be a lot harder to deal with when it is not very well studied or understood. Find out about another unusual fear that can dominate someone's life.

Strange Fears: Phobias That May Surprise You

A phobia can cause someone extreme discomfort, stress and fear. If you're reading this, you have probably already experienced the aggravation and anxiety that come with emetophobia. Come find out more about rare phobias here.

Can Computers Help Cure People with Phobias?

Trying to recover from a phobia can be frustrating and difficult. This is especially true if the traditional methods of treatment don't seem to work for you. Find out how a new program is helping to make phobias less of a burden for people.

Learning to Manage Phobias with Positive Thinking

It's generally accepted that the way you think about things can affect how you feel. A positive outlook can make a major difference in many aspects of your life. Read more about it here!