Learning to Face Your Fears: Phobia Treatment

A phobia is a fear so intense it makes you feel utterly unable to face it. For a person who has a phobia of snakes or spiders, seeing or even thinking about one of these creatures is almost unbearable.

A lot of people are afraid of insects, heights, flying, or germs. While fearing these things is somewhat common, a person with a phobia is completely terrified of it. Some people suffer from less common phobias, like emetophobia (the overwhelming fear of vomiting or of seeing someone else getting sick). For the people with less common phobias, it can be difficult finding a support network with whom to share their experiences.

Fortunately for people who have phobias, there are treatment methods available. Some people with a phobia wait until the fear has taken over their life to seek treatment while others attempt to cure their fear earlier. Generally, the younger you get treatment for your phobia, the more complete your recovery (meaning the less likely you are to experience a “relapse” into your anxious state).

A recent article describes an experiment meant to observe how humans learn to fear certain objects or situations. By studying how people acquire phobias, researchers may find new and more effective ways to treat them.

If you are interested in reading more about the findings of the research, you can find the referenced article at the link below. The writer also discusses treatment of phobias in general, if you just need more information about phobias.


Photo Credit: Telstar Logistics via Compfight cc