Life-Changing Phobias and How They Affect You

Even as adults, we all have things that frighten us. Sometimes our fears are totally unfounded or unrealistic, but that doesn’t keep us from dreading them.

Some people have to manage their life around a fear of air travel. They may avoid traveling and even going on vacation with family or friends. A fear of flying in a plane can also stop someone from exploring job opportunities away from where they live.

A fear of spiders can keep people from going inside old buildings or spending time outdoors. This is just one of many possible fears someone can have which can affect his or her life.

A phobia is a very extreme fear that causes significant distress in and disruption to a person’s life. It can lead to a limited or stifled existence, especially if the object of fear is something very common such as insects or germs.

People who have emetophobia have to deal with unique challenges. A fear of vomiting or of vomit causes people with emetophobia to stay away from a variety of situations that may make them ill or expose them to other people who are ill. This means they often find it unbearable to be around crowds, to visit hospitals, or to be around small children. People with emetophobia sometimes go to great lengths to avoid the possibility of illness.

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Photo Credit: bloody marty mix via Compfight cc