What Can You Do if You Struggle with a Phobia?

A phobia is characterized by strong, irrational fear of something. The object of fear can be something common, like insects, or something  you are unlikely to encounter.

Many people feel afraid of things like needles, swimming, or flying in a plane. Things like these can pose an actual danger in some cases, so the fear of them is somewhat understandable or justified.

People who have very unusual phobias, however, often find themselves without a sympathetic ear.

Even people who fear something that is universally disliked may not always be able to talk about their anxiety. Healthy people may not be able to relate to a phobic person’s complete and utter terror. They are more likely to think, “It isn’t that bad; why is he making such a big deal of it?”

People who have phobias tend to accept their fear and assume they will just have to live with it. They do not usually believe that they can really do anything to overcome their phobia, so many of them do not attempt to be cured.

This is a big mistake. Licensed mental health professionals have treatments for phobias, and they are generally quite effective. There is no need for people with phobias to struggle through life, avoiding anything that might lead to their phobia. Seeking treatment is a good option for anyone; at the very least you can learn what your options are!

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Photo Credit: Captain Kimo via Compfight cc