Speak with Others Suffering from Emetophobia

As is common when you are experiencing any hardship in your life, sometimes it is nice to speak to others who know what you are going through. The International Emetophobia Society hosts an online community where you can speak to others and provide and/or receive support. Consider reading a few member posts before getting started:

my story and conclusions.. – International Emetophobia Society


As I mentioned in a thread I posted the other day, I’m 18 years old, and have had this fear since I was about 8. Thinking back now, it started when I was much younger actually, possibly 5? Anyway, there was a stage in my life

Hi there-I’m new here. Here’s my story! – International Emetophobia


Hi, my name is Jill! I have been an emetophobic for many years. I am 24 years old, from Canada. The last time I remember v* is when I was in grade 2. I wasn’t feeling well but I was suppose to go over to my friends house after

I survived! a ( little bit graphic?) mom success story


I frequent here when things get bad- an nothing strikes fear in my heart like a my kid saying “mommy, my tummy hurts”. However, I have learned that when faced with v* kid without advance warning, I fare OK! In the middle of