An Unusual and Natural Treatment for Nausea

Doctors will often prescribe medications for people who have high anxiety due to their fear vomiting. For these people who suffer from Emetophobia, prescription drugs are a highly undesirable treatment option. The logic is simple enough– someone who is afraid of becoming nauseated will not want to take a pill that may lead to nausea. This is one reason why emetophobics are so difficult to treat. They would rather live with the subsequent anxiety and depression caused by their condition than take medication that could lead to what they’re most afraid of: being sick.

Unfortunately, for people with Emetophobia, nausea and stomach upset is common. By constantly worrying about being nauseated, they make themselves sick. Anxiety leads to nausea, which leads to more anxiety, which leads back to nausea. This is how emetophobics become trapped in an endless cycle of fear and sickness.

Because medications themselves can so anxiety-inducing for emetophobic people, natural treatments for nausea may be a better option.

Treating Nausea without Drugs

An article on treating nausea by a medical doctor advocates for the use of magnets– that’s right, magnets. The treatment was designed for pregnant women, who often experience bouts of nausea and frequent vomiting. The illness in some women is so severe that they have to take medications for it. In the study described in the article, one pregnant woman was still complaining of nausea and sickness even while on medication. A doctor recommended that she try applying “multipolar magnets [to] the insides of both wrists.” The magnets are to rest on those particular points with or without applied pressure until the person feels the nausea subside.

The woman who tried the alternative treatment found that her symptoms had abated within the next few days. She only experienced sickness again after forgetting to use the magnets.

The author of the article also saw success from the use of multipolar magnets for nausea caused by chemotherapy.

What Makes It Work?

The magnet technique for nausea is derived from acupressure. It designed to reduce symptoms by stimulating the inside of the wrist. This area of the body is important because it is linked to nausea.

If you’re interested in alternative treatments for nausea, you may want to look into trying acupressure and the use of multipolar magnets. These methods can be inexpensive and highly effective. There are many people — including emetophobics — who have seen relief of their nausea due to the use of natural means, so don’t feel obligated to try medication as your first option if it makes you uncomfortable.