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Is It Possible to Inherit Emetophobia?

by Kay Marcotte July 2, 2014

Researchers are finding that a number of mental health conditions may have a genetic component. This can be a cause of concern for people who suffer from disorders like emetophobia; they wonder if their children will go on to develop anxiety issues as well. Read to find out more about inheriting anxiety.
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How Do You Know if You Might Have Emetophobia?

by Kay Marcotte June 11, 2014

Not a lot of people have heard of "emetophobia." The condition is not one that gets attention in the media. This can make it difficult for people to recognize that they have it. So how can you determine if you might have emetophobia? Read to find out!
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How Exercise Can Reduce Anxiety, Stress

by Kay Marcotte November 20, 2013

We've all heard about the benefits of regular exercise, but did you know it can even help with anxiety and stress-related issues? If you want to know how exercise can ease your anxiety, come read more here.
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The Complete Guide to Norovirus Prevention and Treatment [INFOGRAPHIC INCLUDED]

by Rich Presta November 6, 2013

No matter how you look at it, the effects of norovirus -- from vomiting to cramping to diarrhea -- are unpleasant. But for the emetophobic, this viral infection can really pose a challenge. Though there's no vaccine or medical treatment for norovirus, preventative techniques can help slow its transmission, and relaxation techniques can help emetophobes make it through.
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Using an Alternative Treatment for Emetophobia

by Kay Marcotte October 11, 2013

While most people with a phobia can find relief from their symptoms through traditional treatment methods, there are certain individuals who may benefit more from a different approach. Find out how a child with emetophobia learned to overcome her fear using a technique called Competence Imagery.
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Is Your Brain Equipped to Reduce Your Anxiety?

by Kay Marcotte August 28, 2013

Certain parts of your brain are associated with increased anxiety and worry. But could your brain also contain what it needs to reduce anxiety? Read what researchers have found here.
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Why Anxiety and Stress are Highly Contagious

by Rich Presta August 20, 2013

Even if your own anxiety or stress levels are fairly low, encountering high anxiety and stress from other folks can heightened yours rather quickly. Read on to find out why!
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How Can You Use Deep Breathing for Anxiety?

by Kay Marcotte July 25, 2013

Many people advocate deep breathing techniques for reducing anxiety. But how exactly does that work? If you want to learn more about the subject, read this article.
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