Do You Have Depression, or Could It Be Something Else?

by Kay Marcotte November 12, 2014

Depression can  be a major problem for people who suffer from various anxiety illnesses like emetophobia or panic disorder, but you should always consult with a mental health professional before assuming you have it. There are several health problems with symptoms that resemble those of depression. Read on to find out more about these conditions and how they are diagnosed.
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Why We Humans are So Prone to Punishing Ourselves (Ouch!)

by Rich Presta November 21, 2013

Punishment as a child typically meant paying our dues and moving on. But not everyone has moved on and instead engages in chronic punishment they do to themselves. Read on to discover what brings it on -- and why you need to stop it.
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New Motherhood Can Bring Anxiety, Depression

by Kay Marcotte November 1, 2013

Being a new mom can be both joyful and stressful. Unfamiliar challenges may arise and feel overwhelming to women who are still dealing with hormonal and physical changes following the birth of a child. Find out how anxiety can factors in to how a new mom feels.
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How Do Anxiety Disorders Affect Depression?

by Kay Marcotte July 18, 2013

Sometimes it occurs that someone who is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder experiences depression, as well. It can also be the case that a person with depression later develops an anxiety disorder. Find out what combined depression and anxiety can lead to.
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