How Emetophobia Can Be Influenced by Social Phobia

by Kay Marcotte February 27, 2014

Social Anxiety and Emetophobia

Emetophobia can be a complex and difficult illness to cope with and treat. Many people who have it feel too embarrassed and isolated to even attempt seeking help. Find out how social anxiety issues can have an effect on a person with emetophobia here.

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Recovering from Severe Emetophobia in Childhood

by Kay Marcotte January 9, 2014

Getting Better and Emetophobia

Emetophobia is a fear that can have a disruptive effect on your life and happiness. It can be especially difficult for a child to deal with. Find out how a combined treatment with drugs and exposure therapy helped a young girl to get better after she developed emetophobia.

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Emetophobia Is Rare But Also Treatable (Pt. 2)

by Kay Marcotte December 6, 2013

Treatment for Emetophobia

If you read last week’s article on emetophobia, you’re probably curious about the specific treatment options available to someone with emetophobia. Come find out how people treat emetophobia and how well the treatments work.

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Emetophobia Is Rare But Also Treatable (Pt. 1)

by Kay Marcotte November 29, 2013

Getting Treated for Emetophobia

Emetophobia may seem like a rare and mysterious condition, because so few people have heard of it. Although the general population does not know what it is, there are still treatments available. Read more about it here.

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Using Alternative Treatments for Your Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte November 12, 2013

Treating Anxiety without Medications

While medications can be greatly helpful for some people with severe anxiety, simpler treatments may be a more attractive option for mild or moderate anxiety symptoms. Come read about how to relieve anxiety using natural methods.

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The Complete Guide to Norovirus Prevention and Treatment [INFOGRAPHIC INCLUDED]

by Rich Presta November 6, 2013


No matter how you look at it, the effects of norovirus — from vomiting to cramping to diarrhea — are unpleasant. But for the emetophobic, this viral infection can really pose a challenge. Though there’s no vaccine or medical treatment for norovirus, preventative techniques can help slow its transmission, and relaxation techniques can help emetophobes make it through.

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Top 4 Norovirus Myths

by Rich Presta October 29, 2013

get well feature

One of the most harrowing stretches of the year for emetophobics is from November to March, which is norovirus season. Make the stretch less harrowing by clearing up some myths surrounding the virus.

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Life-Changing Phobias and How They Affect You

by Kay Marcotte October 24, 2013

Phobias Change Your Life

For some people with phobias, the object of fear may be easy enough to avoid and cause minimal disruption to a healthy life. Unfortunately, other people with phobias may find that ignoring or avoiding what they fear most is extremely difficult or inconvenient. Find out more about the effects of phobias here.

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